This might get uncomfortable for some of my readers but at the risk of alienating some of my readers I must err on the side of transparency. One of my friends called me last night. I have tremendous respect for this person, he has permission to speak truth into my life, he has refrigerator rights when he comes over. I have known him for 7 years and over the past 3 years have gotten to know him better. While we were talking about how things were going in our lives he said something to me that none of my friends who have the rights I have mentioned above have ever said to me. When he said it I was unsure of how to respond because it caught me off guard but I quickly realized his intent of saying it. He told me he loved me. Some of you are squirming because you are so uncomfortable with what I just wrote. My friend is happily married with kids he is not “sexually confused” but he knows my struggles because we have invested in each other. We got involved in the good,bad and ugly parts of our lives. To get to my point I refuse to let this be a stumbling block anymore. As uncomfortable as it might make you I might grab you Sunday give you a hug and look you in the eye and tell you I LOVE YOU. I should be able to discern who my readers are by the ones that take off running when they see me walking tor ward them on Sunday. But at our core isn’t that what we are all searching for ? unconditional love and unconditional acceptance. Isn’t that what Jesus offered? Call me a freak but I  am like Mike Matthews I want to be on the guys side who walked on water and healed the blind.

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Some of you are wondering if you are at the right blog. Rest assured you are. I have taken the liberty to redesign my blog to reflect my personality a little more.I will be updating and adding some things as I go along but this should get me started. So let me know what you think I should add to my blog to make it more user friendly.

I just wanted to let  all of my readers my 1 reader know I made it home safe and sound. I have spent the past 2 days learning the ins and outs of what it takes to run a quick lube business. I was going into it with years of management experience from a previous job and limited knowledge of the lube business and I walked away with some great contacts of people who have been in the business for decades, a list of 50 things that I need to do to make my place compliant to OSHA and EPA (do not need to get on their bad side), got some great ideas to better market the business. All in all a productive 2 days.

My flight departed at 10 pm which I was excited about  because I got to see all of the lights across the Florida coast flying into Tampa( it really does not take much to hold my attention)it was breathtaking to say the least to see the outline of the coast lit up like a Christmas tree. But my favorite part of the trip was coming home and being with my wife and daughter. I hate spending time away from them. There truly is no place like home.

Today for the first time in 38 years I will board an airplane and fly to Atlanta. To some of you this might not be a blog worthy subject but stick with me. I have never flown before not because it was a fear that I had but I have never needed to fly wherever I was going. My wife asked me Sunday night if I was nervous and I told her that there was really only 2 outcomes either I would remember the flight or I would not remember it either way it will be ok. I guess what I am nervous about is the unknown. What if something is wrong on take off I will never know because I have never flown before. What if I packed some liquid that was not approved and they want to do a body search(SORRY TMI). What if I have done something in my past and I am on the dreaded no fly list. Anyway pray that I do not do something while I am on the plane to make the 6 o’clock news. I will update you about the trip when I get back into town. PEACE OUT

 Wanted to give everyone a quick update on the adoption process. We just got done with a two and a half hour home study. Imagine me walking into your house and having never met you I ASKED YOU TO TELL ME YOUR LIFE STORY… That was pretty much the meat of the home study. Before Jesus Christ in my life if someone would have asked me these questions I would have shoved her out the front door and told her it is none of your **** business I would have escorted her out the front door and asked her to not return. But thanks to having Him in my life I told her the good , bad, and ugly. I do not know if that was the right thing to do but at least they can not blame me if the kid does not turn out right. All kidding aside it was not that bad just really odd telling someone you have never met before your life story. Anyway we should have the report back on our home study in about 2 weeks and then it  goes to our case worker to start the matching process. It is getting to the point of no return and I am not nervous about it But this is not permission to stop praying for my family and me:):)

Thanks for your prayers and support. I will update you when as we move through the process.

To the avid readers of this blog you might remember a previous blog that I mentioned about Tammy and I were taking adoption classes, well I am proud to announce I am officially certified by the state of Florida to be an adoptive parent. I can tell you there standards were not that high so do not think I am that smart. The next step for the McCue family is the home study. I am not sure of what a home study consists of but I could probably save them the trip and tell them about my house since I live here more than they have.(maybe I am smarter than they are) I can tell you Tammy and I are excited about the prospect of having another child to raise but I would be lying if I did not say I am scared of how it will mess with the dynamics of the family, what if he/she does not like us what if we are unable to help the child adjust etc.. I am not sure what the days ahead hold but I am sure it is in Gods hands who Tammy Taylor and I end up with but I also know God answers the prayers of his people. So what I am asking is if you  would pray for us as we go through the process and pray for God to place a child with us that he wants us to have .

Only at RPC is all I can say. It was an overwhelming Sunday we had a baptism with Rich Buttorf,I am very fond of Rich. His first week at RPC he signed up to grill for a fundraiser. Did you catch that? You noticed I did not say that we had to ask him to serve or that he sat thru the new members class  that we used to have. From week one he was ready to serve. We could really use more of that. He really does have a servants heart. We saw 3 people make commitments to Christ today  (that could have been from the burning smell coming thru the ac vents ) and I had the opportunity to pray with one of them today. Out of everything I do you can have it all if I get to pray with and talk to someone about eternity spent with a heavenly father who loves them uncoditionally. GOOD STUFF. Timm laid the cards on the table today, he really presented a humble picture of what churches should look like, ALL of us really are pilgrims on this journey called life. Probably one of my favorite sermons. Who was that girl on stage today, boy could she bring it. I hope to hear more from her. Music definately had a different feel today but in a good way. We had 6 people go thru NEXT Sunday with some of them making commitments to  RPC. I say that to say this.


i have heard about referees being biased but this takes it  to a whole new level.” Check out this video from the LSU vs SC football game .What do you think?

I must make a confession I do not trust the news anymore. The longer I live the more I distrust them. Where I am going with this before I start to get hate mail is every day all I hear and read is that the sky is falling the world economy is getting ready to crash . My mom works at Home Depot and she told me Tuesday that they have sold out of chest freezers and are moving a unusual amount of generators. (I guess people are headed for the hills I do not understand the logic)Is my head buried in the sand am I missing something? All I am saying is some of the scarcity that is present today is due to the newscast sensationalizing the stories. I am not saying we are not experiencing difficult times but  not to the extent they would have us believe.I pray that people start using discernment when listening to the talking heads on tv reading from a teleprompter reading someone elses words.

I am opening myself up readers.What do you think?

I am not going break down Catalyst due to everyone on my blogroll already posting on it but I will give you a one word summary wowamazingoverloadchallengingcrazy. I could give you more words but then I would have broke my promise to you of using one word to describe Catalyst thus losing credibility with the one reader I have not run off yet. I will tell you if you only get to do 1 thing next year and you are interested in leadership plan on going to Catalyst next year it is well worth the money. Some of the greatest minds in business and church spend 2 days sharing with you what it takes to get where they are. I whole heartedly think you have to invest and continually grow to go to the next level and after 2 days at Catalyst it is further cemented in my mind that more people from RPC need to go to get a glimpse of what is possible when we all have the same goals and we invest our time on ways to do things better. So my question to you is where are you investing your time and what are you doing to grow?

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